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Antique Pocket Watches

Looking for that old time feeling in a long lasting mechanical pocket watch from yesteryear?  Antique and vintage pocket watches were made with precision and attention to detail for lasting performance.  Ruby, sapphire and diamond jewels were cut and polished and sometimes set in gold jewel settings to reduce friction and give long lasting accuracy.  All metal parts were polished and some even decorated for artful aesthetics, making these precision timepieces a treasured possession to be admired and passed down to future generations.  Yes, you can purchase a cheap quartz watch, mostly made outside of this country, that will do the timekeeping job.  Will it make you proud to own and carry it?  Will you enjoy showing it to other people?  Will it appreciate in value? Imagine owning a piece of mechanical excellence that will make you proud to display and wear.

Check out the antique and quality vintage pocket watches here at Pocketwatcher.  Our watches are all previously owned proudly, but have been professionally serviced and timed here at our shop and come guaranteed to please!

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