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About us

We formed Pocketwatcher in 1998. Before that we were interested in antique timepieces and had started researching and collecting. Rex, our experienced watchmaker, had studied watchmaking and watch repair for several years, and began to collect and repair antique American pocket watches. I created our first web page that year and we started buying and selling on eBay, buying at watch shows and hitting the flea markets looking for pocket watches and chains.

These days we mainly buy collections from collectors and estates, restore the good watches, and offer them on our website. Rex has trained and mentored several up and coming watchmakers and usually has a protege hanging around the shop overlooking the Elkhorn Sanctuary and Monterey Bay.  Expertise is the key to our quality pocket watches.

Photo credit LeAnn Snider, Wildmoon Photography Titled Castroville Barn

Our watches have been inspected, cleaned, oiled and adjusted before they are entered on our website, and we guaranty them for 90 days, although most will last many years without further service.

Pocketwatcher offers a large selection of fine antique and vintage high quality pocket watches, railroad watches, chains, fobs including heavy construction equipment and fraternal type fobs,and accessories like displays, glass domes with wooden bases, leather watch holders, and high quality polishing cloths.

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