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Setting a lever set pocket watch

In order to set a lever set watch:

  1. Hold the watch in your left palm with the dial facing up. Grasp the top edge of the watch-this is called the bezel and it holds the glass crystal in place and unscrew it with your right hand: Place your thumb just outside the crystal on the bezel next to the 9 and your index finger just outside the 1 and your middle finger just outside the 4. Turn the whole bezel (the bezel is the thin metal frame for the glass crystal) and glass crystal counter-clockwise until it comes off of the watch. Some bezels snap off rather than unscrew. This is done with a sharp knife blade placed into the crack between the bezel and watch case, about the 2 o’clock position, and twist slightly.
  2. Set the bezel with the crystal aside. Look for a small lever, which is usually on the outside of the porcelain dial between the 1 and 4 position, and hook it with your thumb nail, and pull it out about 1/2" .
  3. While the lever is out, use the winding crown at the top of the watch to set the time. Then push the lever back in against the edge of the porcelain dial, and carefully thread the bezel back on the front of the watch taking care not to cross-thread it. It should screw on smoothly until there is no gap between the front case and back case (looking at a side view of the watch). For a snap case, push only on the edges of the bezel to reattach-never push directly on the center of the crystal.

I hope these instructions help you out. Please remember to fully wind your watch once a day.

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