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Elgin Antique 12 Size 17 Jewels Fancy Engraved Pocket Watch Circa 1924

Elgin Antique 12 Size 17 Jewels Fancy Engraved Pocket Watch Circa 1924

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Classic Mechanical Precision in an Antique Elgin Man's Gold Filled Pocket Watch

This genuine vintage Elgin  Circa 1924 pocket watch for men marked on the dial and movement by Elgin, features a truly gorgeous fancy engraved case. The elegant gold filled finish and new-looking glass crystal puts this traditional medium size men's dress pocket watch in a class all of its own. Collectors of nostalgic timepieces will absolutely adore this finely cared-for piece of American history.

The Elgin vintage gold-filled pocket watch features a precision size 12 movement that is sparkling clean and bright, with very strong running stem wind and set. The open face design of this classic pocket watch affords an amazing view of the detailed dial face, while the fine nickel adjusted movement inside effortlessly keeps time with pinpoint accuracy. Adorned with screw down gold-jewel settings with a total of 17 jewels, the movement in the old-time pocket watch is truly a spectacle to behold. Movement has been professionally serviced including oiling, and timing. Made in the United States of America in 1924.

The easy-to-read face of this well-preserved vintage pocket watch features a stylish silver satin metal dial background with large starkly contrasting black numerals to represent each hour, along with an offset second dial with markers for each second within a minute. Beautiful gold matching hands adorn this spectacular example of an Elgin dress pocket watch. D18E


Manufacturer: Elgin
Manufacturer Location: Elgin, Illinois
Movement Serial Number: 27254625
Grade: 345
Model: 3
Class: 114
Estimated Production Year: 1925
Run Quantity: 9,000
Total Production: 739,901
Size: 12s
Jewels: 17j
Jewel Material: Ruby & Sapphire
Jewel Setting: Screw-Set
Movement Configuration: Openface
Movement Finish: Nickel
Movement Setting: Pendant
Plate: 3/4 Plate
Double Roller: Yes
Barrel: Going
Balance Type: Expansion
Balance Jewel Material: Ruby
Train: Quick
Regulator: Moseley
Hairspring: Breguet
Standard Dial Type: Single-Sunk
Adjusted: No
Railroad Grade: No
  • Warranty: 90 Days from date of purchase
  • Quality Rating: 5/5

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