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Pocket Watch Chains

Wear your pocket with pride with a gorgeous gold or silver chain made to keep your timepiece safe and accessible

The perfect pocket watch chain can complement your timepiece as it keeps it securely anchored to your person.
A quality watch chain, whether gold filled, solid gold, sterling silver or nickel, will enhance your pleasure in owning a timeless antique watch. Chains worn with a vest require a sturdy t-bar, while chains worn with jeans in a watch pocket need a good spring ring. Ladies pocket and pendant watches can be worn with a necklace, slide chain, garment clip, mesh chain or leather fob. Many different fob type chains, whether metal or leather allow you to display the fob, while your watch remains safe in your pocket. Pocketwatcher stocks chains of all types.

See the selection today of quality pocket watch chains in this category from Pocketwatcher!

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