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Care for your watch

Keeping Your Antique Pocket Watch Alive and Well

A little common sense goes a long way in caring for your antique watch. Properly cared for, your timepiece will last years, and can be passed down to future generations.

Here are some of the DON'T DO's:

First, it is old and relatively delicate--so don't drop it!
Avoid moisture, heat and cold extremes. Its not a good idea to keep your watch on the dashboard of your car.
Keep it away from sources of heat like the sun.
Freezing cold is not good for your antique watch, but in your pocket, it will stay protected from freezing.
Keep your fingers away from the moving parts inside the watch.

Here are some of the important DO Do's:

Keep your watch in a dry spot when it is not in use. A good covered watch display or holder is perfect!
Clean your watch with a non-abrasive jewelers polish cloth to remove finger prints and tarnish. Fingerprints should be removed before your watch is put away or stored.
Have your watch professionally serviced every few years of use, by someone that you TRUST to do the job right! If you don't keep your antique pocket watch serviced, the oils inside tend to dry up, which can cause excessive wear.

With proper care and service, your 100 year old antique pocket watch will last another 100 years.

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