Antique Pocket Watches and Accessories
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Classic Pocket Watches for Quality Old Time Excellence

The antique pocket watch is an elegant timepiece that exemplifies classic style and exquisite craftsmanship. Pocketwatcher proudly features a variety of vintage pocket watches from top brands such as Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, Illinois, Waltham, Ball, and more. From Hunter case watches that feature a lid to protect the face, to open face railroad watches,  these 100 year old jewels mechanical wonders never go out of style.

We carry essential pocket watch accessories such as velvety smooth watch chains in both silver and gold, leather fobs, as well as display domes so you can proudly show off your collection. Imagine owning a little piece of timekeeping history and how you will feel wearing a classic pocket watch that ticks that soothing timepiece song.

Antique pocket watches make outstanding gifts for occasions like birthdays, graduation, wedding, anniversary, Father's Day and Christmas.

Find stylish quality pocket watches in a variety of styles at Pocketwatcher

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